Absolutely, without question internet marketing is essential to the success of your ecommerce website. You must make yourself conspicuous to your potential customers otherwise they will never have the opportunity to avail themselves of your products and services? Your business must be well represented in the social networking community, your online reputation must be properly managed and any highly successful ecommerce website must rank well with search engines to attract optimal traffic volume. Approximately 75% of online transactions within any given industry go to the top 3 ranked sites.  In this increasingly competitive environment, you an industry leader, must seek and implement constructive ways to attract and convince potential customers to sign up for your products or services. In other words, search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for the success of your ecommerce website, and internet marketing is an integral element of SEO

Too many business leaders discount the skill and effort required to develop and implement an effective internet marketing strategy delegating this responsibility to the wrong individuals. True you may have internal resources that enjoy and understand how to navigate social media communities effectively for personal networking however, building an online brand identity/awareness for your corporation is a different animal. Depending on their communication skills and the their strength in conveying your corporate message it may be appropriate for them to contribute to the implementation, as long as participation doesn’t detract from effective utilization of their core competencies (The main reason you hired them in the first place).  More often than not, placing your corporate identity/reputation in the hands of an intern or inexperienced staff member also results in failure. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a good internet marketing firm will ensure the effectiveness of your SEO and online marketing strategies and leave your resources intact to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Internet marketing services are cost-effective and in line with the individual requirements of client. The internet marketing firm, with its experience, resources and expertise are equip to deal with the many challenges typically faced by a company looking to increase its visibility online and gain a steady flow of traffic to its website. More traffic = more conversions = more revenue = a healthy ROI.

With the online market becoming more competitive contracting with a good internet marketing firm is a solid investment. In many industry verticals it takes significant effort and expertise to get a website to rank well against it’s competitors for the key search terms that convert to sales. Once you’ve made it to the top maintaining a high ranking remains a constant challenge. User search trends change, search engine algorithms evolve and competing companies are constantly upping their game. A good internet marketing firm maintains an intimate understanding of the online environment and it’s evolving trends.

Search engines such as Google and Bing, have stepped up their efforts to deliver search results with the greatest relevance to their search clientele. In order to do so they are now placing more value on content freshness than ever before requiring companies to be more interactive. Many sites who held a rankings stronghold over their competition for many years are seeing their website stats fall due to lack of fresh content. Overall website user-friendliness, cross browser and mobile compatibility are also critically important to potential clients and search engines alike. Proper attention to these elements results in lower bounce rates, lower cart abandonment rates, greater conversions and higher rankings.

Creating and successfully promoting an ecommerce website is an ongoing process with many skills at work. With an effective online marketing strategy focused on search engine optimization, social media optimization, link building, email campaigns, PPC ads, and other techniques your ecommerce website can exceed your expectations. It requires the blending of various disciplines and consistent effort that a good internet marketing firm with a solid strategy can provide.